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Professor Khromov

Vessel and Contact Information

Professor Khromov (Russia)

Call Sign:
US NODC Code: 90CI
Operator: Far East Hydrometeorological Institute
Contact: Dr. V.V. Pokudov
Dzerzhinskiy 24
Vladivostok 690600 Russia
Telephone No.: 29788
Cable address:
Telefax No.:
Year built: 83

Main vessel activity

Ocean area where vessel operates: Pacific Ocean; Indian Ocean

Main dimensions

Length OA: 71.56m
Breadth: 12.79m
Freeboard to working deck: 6.5m
Max. draft: 4.50m

Capacities and working spaces

Gross tonnage: 2140GRT
Dry cargo holds: 267m3
Fuel: 340m3
Fresh water: 128m3
Wet laboratories (total area): 26m2
Dry laboratories (total area): 173m2
Fresh water generator capacity: 12m3
Free working deck area: 0m2
Space for container laboratory: 0m x 0m

Range, speed and endurance

Range: 8000n. mi.
Cruising speed: 13.5kts.
Max. speed: 14.9kts.
Endurance: 40days


Officers: 15
Other crew: 23
Scientists: 28
Airconditioned: yes

Design Particulars

Hull materials:


Energy sources

Main engine(s): number: 2 make: Diesel model:
Power (BHP) each main engine: 3000at 500rpm
Diameter and max. rpm propeller: 2.450m 500rpm
Total power auxiliary diesels: 225HP
Electrical systems
AC Voltage: 400 / 220V, total 360kVA, 3phase, 50Hz
AC Voltage: / 220V, total 200kVA, 3phase, 50Hz
DC Voltage: 0V, total 0V
Stabilized system for scientific equipment: 0VAC 0AMP 0Hz

Fixed equipment

Navigation and communication

Nav. equip: Radar Decca Gyro EMLog
Comms: Fax
Comm sat:


Echosounders for scientific research: 0kHz
Provisions for silent ship operation:


Oceanographic winches: number: 0
Steel wire length: 6000m, safe working load: 2tons
Conducting cable length: 5000m, safe working load: 2tons
Other, specify: length: 0m safe working load: 0tons
Winch for bottom sampling, wire length: 0m, safe working load: 0tons
Clearance above deck: 0m and outboard extension: 0m
Safe working load at max. reach: 0tons
Position: Stern
Clearance above deck: 8m and outboard extension: 4m
Safe working load at max. reach: 5tons
Other winches for instruments or sampling:

Electronic data processing equipment permanently available on board


Vessel construction and maintenance supervision

Construction supervised by:

Classification Society:
Others, specify:

Published vessel data


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