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European Research Vessel Operators Info

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Upcoming Meetings:

ERVO 2006 - Reykjavik, Iceland - 19-21 Jun, 2006

The European Research Vessel Operator (ERVO) 2006 meeting will be held in Reykjavik, Iceland on 19-21 June 2006. 19th June is planned to be used for a visit to the Icelandic RV Arni Fridrikkson and also the Norwegian G.O. Sars is planned to be in Reykjavik that day. If there are enough people interested it will also be arranged a special workshop on marine mammal mitigation (how to operate seismics etc in area populated with marine mammals) on the same day, but such that you can take part in all the activities. 20 and 21 June will be the regular ERVO 2006 meeting with the following draft agenda:

1. Welcome and Administrative details
2. Review of minutes from ERVO 2005
3. National Updates
4. New Vessels
5. Ocean Fleet Working Group Report
6. BONUS, status report
7. ISOM 2005 Report
9. ISM, ISPS, quality assurance issues
10. Scientific winches
11. Hydroacoustic equipment
12. EurOcean and other Web portals
13. Marine Infrastructure Forum (MIF) report
14. OFEG report
15. Sea mammal disturbance
16. Election of chair and vice chair for ERVO 2007 and ERVO 2008

If you want more information, contact Per W. Nieuwejaar, Institute of Marine Research, Bergen, Norway, e-mail: pern@imr.no

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