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Last Updated - 7/3/2002
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Country: USA

NODC Code:

    Call Sign: Cloud 03
Owner: US Navy / NAVAIR
Operator: Seaward Services
Contact: F. Blaine Rineer
Address: NAVAIR DET PO Box 9013 Key West FL 33040
Telephone: (305) 293-4343
Fax: (305 293-4345
Year Built: 1985
Ship URL: Unknown

Ship Schedule URL:


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Main Dimensions

  Length OA: 19.87  m
  Breadth: 6.12  m
  Freeboard to working deck: 1.5  m
  Max. draft: 2  m

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Main Vessel Activity

  Main Activity: R & D, Towing, Test Area Surveillance
  Operating Area: Coastal, Limited Ocean, East and West Florida Coasts
  Navy Grids Supported: NA9, NA6

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Capacities and Working Spaces

  Gross tonnage: 99  GRT
  Dry cargo holds: Unknown
  Fuel: 10.6  m3
  Wet Labs Area: Unknown
  Dry Lab Area: Unknown
  Fresh Water
 Storage Capacity:
2.72  m3
  Fresh Water Generator Capacity: 0  m3/day
  Scientific Clean Water Generation: Unknown
  Free Working Deck Area: 43.48  m2
  Space for container lab: The free working deck has a NATO grid bolt down pattern for equipment but the deck is not large enough to support a container laboratory.  m
  Radioactive Isotope Work Areas: Same as above  m

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Range, Speed and Endurance

  Range: 600  nautical miles
  Cruising Speed: 14  kts.
  Max. Speed: 14  kts.
  Endurance: 2  days

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  Officers: 2
  Other crew: 1
  Scientists: 4
  Air Conditioned: Unknown

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Data Processing Equipment:

  Computers: Customer supplied
  Printing/Plotting: Customer supplied

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CTD Specifications:

  CTD Aboard: Customer Supplied
  CTD Type: Unknown
  CTD Tow able: Unknown
  CTD Oxygen Sensing: Unknown
  CTD Transmissivity: Unknown
  CTD Fluormeter: Unknown
  CTD Rosette: Unknown

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Coring Specifications:

  Coring Capabilities Aboard: Unknown
  Grab Sampler: Unknown
  Box Corer: Unknown
  Gravity Corer: Unknown
  Piston Corer: Unknown
  Multi Corer: Unknown

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Underwater Vehicle Capabilities:

  Underwater Vehicle Support: Unknown
  ROVs: Unknown
  AUVs: Unknown
  Submersibles: Unknown

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Diving Support:

  Diving Capabilities: Can supply all diving requirements as sub contract

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Engineering Design Particulars


Ice Breaking Ability:


Hull Materials:

  Dynamic Positioning Ability: Unknown
  Engines: Main engine(s): number:  2   make:  Detroit V12-71
Power (BHP) each engine:  500
Propeller Diameter:  1.1   m Max. RPM:   500
Total power auxiliary diesels:  100   HP
  Electrical Systems:  


 Voltages: 110 / 208
     kVA: 30
    Phases: 1


60  Hz

Stabilized System:  Unknown  VAC  Unknown  AMPs   Unknown  Hz



  Unknown   Volts with  Unknown  Volts Max


Fixed Equipment

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Navigation and Communication:

  Navigational Equipment: X-Band 24 Mile Radar, Autopilot
  Communications Equipment: HF, VHF, UHF
  Satellite Communications Equipment: Unknown
  GPS: Magellan DGPS receiver

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Acoustics and Profiling:

  Echosounders: Unknown
  Sonar Type: Unknown
  Sea Surface Mapping System: Unknown
  Side Scanning: Unknown
  Multibeam: Unknown
  Acoustic Doppler Current Profiler: Unknown
  Silent Ship Operations: Unknown

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  Winches: Unknown  
    Steel Wire Length: Unknown  safe working load:  Unknown
    Conducting Cable Length:  0  m , safe working load:  0  tons
    Trawl winch length:  Unknown , safe working load:  Unknown
    Other Winches:
      Length:  Unknown , safe working load:  Unknown
  Gantry: Position: Unknown

Clearance above deck:  Unknown , and outboard extension:  Unknown


Safe working load at maximum reach:  Unknown

  Crane: Position: Unknown

Clearance above deck:  Unknown  and outboard extension:  Unknown


Safe working load at maximum reach:  Unknown

  Other:   Unknown

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Vessel Construction and Maintenance Supervision

  Construction Supervised by: Unknown
  Classification Society: Unknown
  Others, Specify: Unknown
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