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Wire Lubrication Resources

This folder was created to house the wire lubrication information that was provided by Christopher Griner from WHOI. The links and documents relate to Stran-Core (the lubricant) and CoreLube Equipment (the company that makes to lubricating equipment).

Christopher gave a short presentation at the 2007 RVTEC meeting and provided a link to a paper written by Etienne (TN) Grignard some years ago for UNOLS (Etienne is the president / owner of Grignard, that makes lubricants).

Features listed for Stran-Core Corrosion Inhibitor include:
  • Clings to the metal surface as it is painted onto the cable or open gear surface. Penetrates to the core of wire ropes or EM Cable to provide protection throughout the cable.
  • Outperforms greases by penetrating into the locations that can not be visually inspected, displacing moisture and forming a thick barrier film to prevent future moisture penetration.
  • Does not contain hazardous ingredients. Its base fluid which constitutes nearly 70% of the total formula is composed of water and biodegradable glycols.
  • Base fluid meets the requirements of ASTM D-6406 for biodegradable and acute ecotoxicity.
  • Long Lasting Atmospheric and Tidal Corrosion Inhibition.
  • Lubricates Wires and Metal Parts.
  • Clings to Metal Surface Reducing Run-Off.
  • Penetrates Between Wires into Valleys.
  • Non-Flammable / No Solvents.
  • Non-Toxic

Supplementary Documents Links:

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