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Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Where are all of the upcoming NOAA cruise schedules?
Answer: NOAA has requested that all upcoming cruise information be temporarilly supressed. To obtain future schedule information please see their web site for contact information.

Question: How can I create a link on my web page to point to the specifications and cruise schedules for my ship on your web site?
Answer: Browse to the page that you're interested in linking to and use the URL or Address that's listed in your browsers address line as the hyperlink on your web page. For instance, to create a hyperlink to the Cape Henlopen 2000 schedule like this, you would create html code like:

Question: What happened to all the original International Research Ship Schedules and Information pages and the data and pictures that they contained?
Answer: The data that was organized by country in the original Ships pages is still intact. A link to it is accessible via the home page and by browsing to the Country page. Many of the original photographs and some older cruise schedules are available there but many of the links to other ship-related sites are quite old and the pages they link to might not be available any longer.

Question: Why aren't there a lot more graphics and other fancy effects on your pages?
Answer: As the number of graphic images on a site increase, so does the amount of time it takes to download, display and print those images. Many areas of the US and the world still rely on dial-up lines to connect to the internet. In addition, ships are starting to connect to the internet from sea, a very costly and slow task. So it was decided to keep the bandwidth and download time requirements light to save these individuals time and money.


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