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Vessel Data and Contact Information for the
Kilo Moana

Last Updated - 10/23/2009
Main Activities
Capacities & Workspaces
Range, Speed, Endurance
DP Equipment
CTD Specs
Coring Specs
Underwater Vehicles
Diving Capabilities
Engineering Design
Navigation & Communications
Acoustics & Profiling
Winches, Gantries & Cranes
Country: USA

NODC Code:

    Call Sign: WDA7827
Owner: U. S. Navy
Operator: University of Hawaii
Contact: Stan Winslow
Address: UH Marine Center
1 Sand Island Access RD
Honolulu,HI 96819
Telephone: 808 842-9814
Fax: 808 842-9833
Year Built: 2002
Ship URL: Link to Ship Home Page

Ship Schedule URL:

Ship Schedule via its Home Page

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Main Dimensions

  Length OA: 56.69  m
  Breadth: 26.8224  m
  Freeboard to working deck: 3.66  m
  Max. draft: 7.62  m

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Main Vessel Activity

  Main Activity: Oceanographic
  Operating Area: Pacific Ocean Region
  Navy Grids Supported: NP5-NP13; SP1-SP9; IN2, IN5, IN8, IN11

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Capacities and Working Spaces

  Gross tonnage: 1407  GRT
  Dry cargo holds: 75.8  m3
  Fuel: 492  m3
  Wet Labs Area: 29.7  m2
  Dry Lab Area: 179.3  m2
  Fresh Water
 Storage Capacity:
30.3  m3
  Fresh Water Generator Capacity: 7.5  m3/day
  Scientific Clean Water Generation: ~72 lpd
  Free Working Deck Area: 390.2  m2
  Space for container lab: Yes  m
  Radioactive Isotope Work Areas: Yes  m

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Range, Speed and Endurance

  Range: 10000  nautical miles
  Cruising Speed: 12  kts.
  Max. Speed: 15  kts.
  Endurance: 50  days

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  Officers: 8
  Other crew: 12
  Scientists: 29
  Air Conditioned:  Yes

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Data Processing Equipment:

  Computers: 10+ PCs w/ XP, Vista, Linux OS installed. 10+ Data Loggers w/ Linux OS
  Printing/Plotting: HP Designjet 800PS Color Plotter, Xerox Phaser 7400 Color Printer

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CTD Specifications:

  CTD Aboard: yes
  CTD Type: SeaBird CTD 9/11+
  CTD Tow able: Yes
  CTD Oxygen Sensing: SBE43 Oxygen Sensors
  CTD Transmissivity: WetLabs C-Star 25cm Transmissometer
  CTD Fluormeter: Seapoint Chlorophyll Fluorometer
  CTD Rosette: SIO 24-bottle (9.6 liter) G.O. 12-bottle (12 liter) SBE Trace Metal Free 24-bottle (9.6 liter)

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Coring Specifications:

  Coring Capabilities Aboard: Unknown
  Grab Sampler: Unknown
  Box Corer: Unknown
  Gravity Corer: Unknown
  Piston Corer: Unknown
  Multi Corer: Unknown

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Underwater Vehicle Capabilities:

  Underwater Vehicle Support: Tethered and Untethered
  ROVs: Unknown
  AUVs: Unknown
  Submersibles: Unknown

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Diving Support:

  Diving Capabilities: Unknown

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Engineering Design Particulars


Ice Breaking Ability:

Ice Class DO

Hull Materials:

SWATH-Small Waterplane Area Twin Hull
  Dynamic Positioning Ability: Simrad DP & EDI Power Management/Control
  Engines: Main engine(s): number:  4   make:  4 Caterpillar 3508B diesel engines drive
Power (BHP) each engine:  Unknown

Propeller Diameter:  Unknown
  m Max. RPM:   Unknown
Total power auxiliary diesels:  Unknown
  Electrical Systems:  


 Voltages: 480/240/208/120
     kVA: Unknown
    Phases: 3


60  Hz

Stabilized System:   VAC  Unknown  AMPs    Hz



  Unknown   Volts with  Unknown  Volts Max


Fixed Equipment

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Navigation and Communication:

  Navigational Equipment: TSS POSMV, Gyro Compass, Raytheon STD-20, Raytheon Raychart 420, Radar, Sperry Marine Decca Bridgemaster E250
  Communications Equipment: SSB, VHF, GMDSS (JRC Area 4 Cert d VHF), e-mail
  Satellite Communications Equipment: INMARSAT-B, Iridium, HiSeasNet Satellite Internet
  GPS: Differential GPS integrated with TSS Applanix POSMVv320P and IMU unit, PY-GPS, Trimble NavTracXL, Garmin GPS-MAP handheld unit, and ADU-5.

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Acoustics and Profiling:

  Echosounders: EM120 deep water multibeam, EM1002 shallow water multibeam, Echosounder EA500, Knudsen 3.5 kHz sub bottom profiler, Knudsen 12 kHz passive listening sonar, and the HPR418 used with the positioning system
  Sonar Type: HAWAII MR1 sonar, IMI-30 kHz sonar
  Sea Surface Mapping System: Unknown
  Side Scanning: IMI-120 kHz sonar
  Multibeam: Kongsberg EM1002 @ 95kHz w/ 150deg swath , Kongsberg EM122 @ 12kHz w/ 150deg swath
  Acoustic Doppler Current Profiler: RDI Work Horse 300 kHz, RDI OS-38 kHz
  Silent Ship Operations: No

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  Winches: 2  
    Steel Wire Length: 10000  m,  safe working load:  18000  tons
    Conducting Cable Length:  10000  m , safe working load:  5000  tons
    Trawl winch length:  10000  m , safe working load:  18000  tons
    Other Winches:
      Length:  Unknown , safe working load:  Unknown
  Gantry: Position: Dynacon A-frame

Clearance above deck:  Unknown , and outboard extension:  Unknown


Safe working load at maximum reach:  20000  tons

  Crane: Position: Aft

Clearance above deck:  Unknown  and outboard extension:  12.19  m


Safe working load at maximum reach:  5000  tons

  Other:   Unknown

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Vessel Construction and Maintenance Supervision

  Construction Supervised by: Atlantic Marine, Inc. Jacksonville, Florida
  Classification Society: ABS: A1 Circle E, AMS, ACCU UWLD (Underwater inspe
  Others, Specify: Unknown
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